Privacy of personal data

Pursuant to art. 13 D. Decree no. 196/2003, we inform you that the personal data that you indicated upon registration or sending a request by that website, will be treated in compliance with the guarantees of confidentiality and security measures provided by law through information technology, electronic and manual, with logic strictly related to the purposes of treatment. This information pertains to the processing of personal data, meaning personal data, social security number, residence or domicile, telephone number, e-mail, image. You can also freely choose to provide additional personal information such as name, title, a brief description that the user gives to itself (for example, physical description, tastes, preferences, personal qualities, interests, etc. ..), sex, date of birth and province of residence. Please be aware that cookies, representing a technology used by websites to identify users within a session, are not used or for the purpose of navigation for users or to collect their personal data, but only to allow navigation on the site and the use of its services.
  1. Aims of treatment

    The personal data are processed for the following purposes: closely related to the provision of services relating to the activity described. (Example: Suggestions results, formulating budgets, communications and services of any kind related to the management of the client). Purpose 'related to the fulfillment of obligations under the law, regulations, legislation and law enforcement, investigation and suppression of crime. The processing of data, including the communication of data to the entities listed below does not require the express consent of the User in the treatment and 'necessary for the performance of obligations under the contract and for the execution of the requested Service . Without such data will not be possible to provide the services proposed Interactive Computer User. Therefore, the refusal to provide such consent may result in the inability 'to establish the interactive relationship and / or contract and continue in the delivery of the Service.
  2. Categories of subjects to whom personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or representatives.

    Studies and society in the relationship of assistance and counseling, individuals who carry out inspection, auditing and certification activities carried out by Gheri Vivai Piante in the figure, in the interests of its customers and users, entities that provide services to the management of credit risk and fraud control (such as data processing centers, banks, risk, debt collection agencies and law firms). Banks and companies issuing credit cards, information and data that will be provided to these companies will be treated with the equivalent levels of protection.
  3. The Owner and responsible for handling

    The treatment of the data is Roberto Gheri (Gheri Vivai Piante),
  4. Rights of

    Pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003., The User has the right to know, at any moment, what are its data and how they are used, as well as to update, supplement, correct or request the erasure, blocking and object to their treatment if carried out in violation of the law by writing to
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